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17 May 2012 @ 09:08 pm
but fuck grey's anatomy.

officially done with that show...again.

I need something to make me happy/distract me from this and finals, so I'll be taking prompts if anyone would like to submit them. Post pairing and story prompt and hopefully I'll get back to you with a one-shot.
23 April 2011 @ 11:05 pm

Title: The Heart of the Matter
TwentyPoundNote (
Category: Romance
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: Fiction Rated: M
Summary: Crushed by divorce, Veronica is barely living. Her friends suggest she gets over her now famous and obscenely sexy ex with a bang literally! Only, Zach does not intend to let her go again, without a fight. Can she risk more pain for the love of a lifetime


Today I went on fictionpress to reread a wonderful story that I have read many times. It's a major love for me and a great point of relaxation. This story was one that I could always rely on for an amazingly romantic storyline that managed to culminate in a sinful combination of sex, drama and distinct characterization. It was one whose progress I avidly stalked, rereading the novel-like story well over 10 times.

The fact that it's now been deleted has had a profound effect upon me.

I do not know why it was deleted, nor do I have any means of asking why because not only was the story deleted, but the author has deleted all of the information on her profile and disabled the private messaging tool. I am honestly baffled and a bit hurt as a reader.

First, I must admit that I don’t understand why an author who deletes a story does so in that manner. Rather than purging it of its contact and keeping the reviews, at least, the author chose to just delete it. For me reading and following a story as I do with this one is a very personal matter, and I genuinely gain a relationship with the story and, by extension, the author. I would only assume that writing the story itself would be a very personal, special and poignant matter, especially with the time commitment associated with it. I’d think you love to do it, to be willing to, especially on a site like FP. Wouldn’t the reviews then at least mean something?

Moreover, while I wholly understand that everything is the author’s prerogative and that they have total creative license, I simply wish that there was an explanation or at least a means of communication.

For me, personally, this year has been a very difficult one in terms of the various time constraints I’ve had, and to dedicate myself to following a story (especially as avidly as I do did The Heart of the Matter) necessitates that I really love it, that there’s something about it that just resonates with me. This fact isn’t one that I ever hid from the author in my various communications with her, and though she never replied I still tried to convey how much her work meant to me. After all, her reply, in my opinion, was the quality and depth of her writing.

This happens often, authors erase themselves without a trace like this…and it’s been terrible to see in the past, but this time it really hurt. There was something about this story and this situation that truly impacted me and left me profoundly saddened. (Has this happened to anyone else? How did you reconcile the fact?)

...I suppose my rambling is tiresome, and for that I sincerely apologize, so on a final note: TwentyPoundNote, I highly doubt you will, but I hope you one day see this and know that I genuinely loved your work. It honestly meant so much to me, helped me by making me laugh and sigh at the worst times. I respected you and it so much. Thank you for the good times… but I do wish that there was an explanation or forewarning.


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20 December 2010 @ 11:44 pm

all credit for this beautiful banner is due to HauntedElegance of TDA

Disclaimer: The characters and canon situations in the following story belong solely to JK Rowling. I am not making any money from the publishing or writing of this story.
Summary: The war came, it went, and all was supposed to be well with the world. What no one expected, though, was that maybe, in its defeat, it somehow managed to conquer, too. 
For Whom the Bell Tolls
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19 August 2010 @ 08:19 pm

Disclaimer: The characters and canon situations in the following story belong solely to JK Rowling. I am not making any money from the publishing or writing of this story.


Of a Ruination


Summary: He baffled her, and she wasn’t sure whether he was a mystery she even wanted to understand.


Author’s Note: this is a one-shot in reply to svelterose’s request on my Challenge/Prompt request post at livejournal. Adrian/Hermione is very new to me and outside of my comfort zone (which is why I loved trying to write them) so I’m excited and a bit flustered by this one. Still not wholly sure what to think…

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18 August 2010 @ 07:17 pm


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15 August 2010 @ 11:33 pm
 Today I somehow managed to muster up the courage to complete Into the Dark (finished up over 10k words to get this story done) and have sent over half of what I have to my beta before I can post it.

The oddest part, however, is that, regardless, I somehow have a hankering to write a one-shot. I really want a challenge.

I'm listing all of the pairings I love and would love some story requests/prompts to write. I hope to get to any and all, but if I receive too many I'll pick based on interest.

Please include a prompt/challenge and a pairing of your choice (or numerous if you're fickle).


(note that the list wasn't written in any sort of preferential order, but simply as I remembered pairings I like or am intrigued by)